SPIEL 2023 Essen

Meet me all week in Essen. I'm at the Spielworxx booth Hall 3 H115. Come and say hi! :)

Open for submissions.

Arrange meeting: Contact.

Watch - released!

We are happy and proud to point you towards the PD-Verlag online shop where you can order Watch.

What is it good for?

You have just started working at a Soviet watch factory that you've discovered used to be a World War II era munitions factory. You've been sent there to produce gears, which you can sell for money, but you also need those gears to disguise the munitions crates you smuggle out. Dig through the files in the foreman's office to uncover evidence of government corruption during the aftermath of WWII. Use the monitoring infrastructure in the foreman's office to catch your coworkers misbehaving and extract bribes from them — but be careful because someone else might be watching YOU!

The artistically composed thematic Watch by Daniel Newman blends theme into the game mechanisms masterfully: While playing, you can feel the clock ticking as you try to hide your mischievous actions from the other players. To succeed though, you must ensure that the gears fall into their specific clockwork spot exactly when and where you need it!

But how does all of this really play out?! =^.^=

Watch by Daniel Newman!

SPIELPUNXX is proud to announce their first board game:
Watch by Daniel Newman!

Behold the cover design by the always magnificent Harald Lieske!

More news and facts will be disclosed during the next few weeks. We will run a Kickstarter campaign around Q1/Q2 2020. Details will follow soon.

What hides behind this beautifully thematic cover? =^.^=

1. January 2020

The shape of SPIELPUNXX to come! - Perhaps a big announcement? Who knows?

29. December 2019

Our shop is online. This is crazy.

6. December 2019

SPIELPUNXX goes live.  - Yet still work in progress.